Appears to be a borderless financial technology driven through digital currency cryptocurrency Which was created to add value to grow steadily and sustainably






What is Discount Percent

DISCOUNT PERCENT ( DCP ) is a crypto currency digital currency designed with a wide vision with the determination to create a stable digital currency and it’s plays an important role in the future financial system. It’s still have a commitment to saving with value creation from saving by itself.

Outstanding innovation Focus on growth

DISCOUNT PERCENT ( DCP )  We got supported by many large business groups with the good image and stability such as business, finance, banking, real estate group communication business group tourism, hotel business groups, IOT Agricultural Education Group and Technology Innovation Group. Which is becoming a new trend in today’s business world Cashless society or cashless society.

Application “Discount Percent”

Discount percent is Mobile Application that allows you to return money easily. The more you pay, the more revenue and DCP Reward with more value every day. There are more than 10,000 retailers participating in the application. There are products and services that are integrated. This application can pay almost everything in your daily life whether top up mobile phones at all networks, receive bill payment. Which is support all form payment such as Rabbit Line Pay, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, True Wallet and Thai Qr Payment

DCP Merchant

Retailer under the control by DCP merchants to use to charge with DCP members and general customers who come to buy, consume or buying goods and services. You just entering menu called items / products / services that must be paid in cash. Then made out as Thai Qr Code, Rabbit LinePay, Wechat pay , Alipay cryptocurrency,  via DCP members or general customers Can be scanned with various of bank apps, Rabbit Line Pay, Alipay.

Supporter For Discount Percent Application

Financial business

 We have Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, RABBIT LINE PAY as a supporter. We have connected the QR PAYMENT system, allowing us to reach a wide range of customers and provide convenience Comfortable in both online and off line payment channels


Communication Business Group

Our communications network partner are Feel Telecom Corporation Co., Ltd., a TOT, has cooperated with us to participate in the business of communication. Which we have issued products Is a SIM brand mobile phone SIM with a percentage discount SIM DISCOUNT PERCENT, which supports customers, merchants and entrepreneurs or general person and foreign tourists.

Tourism and hotel business groups

We have cooperated with many operators who’s doing tourism business. Direct hotel That accepts payments through the application discount percent system, which supports shops , entrepreneurs, general person and foreign tourists

educational institutions 


We have partnered with more than 100 educational institutions to join the project cashless education. Which we have developed to install various systems about Spending in educational institutions and have prepared special courses Is a center to learn about digital crypto currency Chum Phae college and Ramkhamhaeng University Huamark.


We partner with the electric motorcycle assembly factory Top brands from Taiwan sold in Thailand through Qr scanning system which is a high technology innovation




Bioplastics factory

DCP World Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Healthy Future, Korea Set up a factory to produce tubes, glass bags, innovative food boxes For the environment and health directly, which is now available nationwide And many other countries

South Koreans turn to the ebidle rice straws after plastic ban.
South Koreans are turning to edible rice straws after the government announced a plan in August to ban disposable cups and plastic straws by 2027. The straws, made of 70 percent rice and 30 percent cassava, can sit in hot drinks for up to three hours.

Technology Innovation Group

We have our own development team which doesn’t have to hire outsource. Therefore we develop The system can be improved and developed continuously.

Property Group

The company, together with the National Housing Authority, has constructed housing. To sell to both Thais and foreigners and we invest many empty areas throughout the country.

Exclusive for foreigners

DCP World Company Limited has been appointed as a distributor of Thailand Elite cards

Platforms that are designed by experts and are safe.

The Digital Currency Discount Percent Coins (DCP) has been developed using the complete blockchain system on ETHERC-20 before the launch and service. When you approved by KYC conditions, investors will be able to buy and sell DCP on the trading board. 

User safety and property protection Is our first priority. So we have Global safety standards for the use of inward and outward money transfer systems (HB WALLET) to protect digital assets of investors as safely as possible. 

Accounting system We are in the process of coordinating to check our platform. And cooperate with expert from the bank for transparency and maximum confidence to all investors

 Shop and marketing connections

Our goal from the first day is that we have connected with the strategic trade. Who receive payment via THAI QR PAYMENT RABBIT, LINE PAY, TRUE WALLET, and receive payment or exchange with 100% DCP coins And various services By receiving Discounts ranging from 10-60 percent when paid via smart

applications discount percent and every time there are payment of goods and services percent discount Received that is DCP REWARD can be exchanged for DCP coins to be used to pay or create value.

 Strive for your success.

We have over 10 years of experience in business operations, with over 10 years experience in IT system development and 2 years of full-time work in the Digital currency industry Ctyptocurrency business.

We are fully ready with the opportunity to enter the path new trade lines in the Fintech industry and Cryptocurrency digital currency that will generate profits stable and ready to support the rapid growth.

For our partners to have confidence and confidence in effective management to the global standard.

“Let’s collaborate and share our achievements together.”

“Because this is truly sharing business”


The company operates

Tel. 043-002-326 , 082-899-9155


App Discount Percent


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